Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Inhomogeneous Systems of Equations

Say, does anyone here have experience with the MATLAB computing environment? Can I take you out for sushi in exchange for a casual tete-a-tete about matrix operations and vectors?

Here it is, nearly three full decades after my last course in any area of Mathematics (not counting Computer Science in that category, although even there we are talking nearly as long) and I find myself snuggling up to a lovely book on Linear Algebra. This is related to my new fun go-to-Boston work project. It's not as if I'll be tested on the material, but at this point it would be useful for me to know some basic terms as well as standards of notation and expression.

I don't know, though. The words are English and the sentences fulfill my understanding of grammar, and yet much of it, on scanning, is like reading something in Arabic or Russian.

Still, I am heartened by the lovely final sentence of the Afterword to Linear Algebra Through Geometry (Banchoff and Wermer, 1983):

We wish the reader success in future encounters with the concepts of linear algebra.

Isn't that sweet?
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