Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

American Guns and 500 Men

I'm in the final rush of preparations for my trip to Canada this weekend. I'm printing out Mapquest maps and gathering my hotel and plane and car reservation numbers and trying to figure out what I need to bring.

This weekend my Morris dance team, or a significant percentage thereof, will be attending the Toronto Morris Ale. Except for the annual Midwest Ale, we have done no traveling as a team in the years I've been a member. We started to discuss the possibility of a team trip last year and we circled on this Ale as one which we thought would suit us, so this adventure has been in the offing for a very long time. Travel plans and the list of attendees have both changed several times over the last few months, and I've been in frequent correspondence with both the organizers of the Ale and my friend xeger who offered (yes, truly) to house my entire team. (As it turns out she'll be hosting slightly more than half of us who are attending.)

Some of our team members left early this morning for the two-day drive, but I'm flying out tomorrow. I'm also staying in a hotel, which is somewhat pricey on a holiday weekend in a major city but this is my big vacation for the summer (I would have gone to England next week if this trip hadn't worked out, those were the plans) and, well, I think I'll be much more comfortable sleeping in a nice big bed and having a bathroom I don't have to wait for in the morning. The original trip plans included my being one of the drivers, so it seemed imperative that I have a good night's sleep for each night of the weekend, or at least as good as the allotted sleep window will allow; I anticipate some very late nights. I feel as if I'm betraying my folkie roots here by arranging for a touch of luxury, though.

It will be a fine time with much music and dance and song. Farewell to summer and welcome to fall.
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