Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

For Minnesotans: Band Concert on Dec. 18th

Folks who get the gay_minneapolis feed have already heard about this from me, but not all the Minnesotans on this list are so blessed.

The Minnesota Freedom Band will be holding its winter concert on Saturday, December 18th, at the South High Theater (E 31st St and 19th Ave S. in Minneapolis). I know there's a million things going on that night. In fact, this was an absolutely terrible choice for a concert date. (The one up side is that we've had enough practice time, which is not always true for the winter concert.)

My special offer to anybody who reads this here and lets me know they will be coming to the concert: I'll buy your tickets. They go for $15 each, but it is my habit to pay for the tickets of any friends of mine the first time they attend the concert. I am happy to make the donation to the band if it can help fill the seats.
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