Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

As Spontaneous As I Get

I suddenly find myself in the surprising and novel position of needing to take a few vacation days over the next couple of months or risk losing them. I keep vaguely planning to take a day at random midweek, but there always seems to be something specific that makes any particular day an inconvenient one to take off, so this plan isn't working. Today I sat down and said, ok, how about if I just plan to take off for somewhere right now, or at least as right now as advance-price plane tickets can encompass. Oh, and I've got to consider obligations like the upcoming all-day Cooper Book singing on February 12 and the first few Morris obligations of the season on the next several Tuesdays. (I'm really not very good at the footloose thing.)

So what I found out is something I should have remembered: You can often get very good airline prices in February. So where to go? Well, I want to return to Toronto, and, by gosh, roundtrip tickets that would work out for me here are only $240, but I'm not sure February is the right time for a Toronto trip in which a lot of walking the streets is part of the hope. If I'm willing to risk United Airlines and an O'Hare stopover I can get to Boston for less than $150 (!!), but, again, it's winter. So there's always San Francisco, which for 20 years has been the magic city I go to when I just want a vacation time, although the last 3 or 4 or 17 trips always seemed to involve taking a few days and going to work in Mountain View.

But I can fly roundtrip to San Francisco for $200, which is not the cheapest I've ever seen it but darned close to it. And so, maybe, I'm going to hop on a plane in a couple of weeks for no reason and fly off to the Bay Area for a few days. Just for Nothing.

Well, I'll probably wind up trying to attend a practice of the Freedom Band, and if I'm lucky I'll be able to find my way to White Rat's Morris practice, and it might be a good idea to check in with the storage group at SGI if I'm going to be out there anyway, but, but, but ... this is almost MADCAP!

I'm going to sit down tonight and think this through. Even if I decide it's too frivolous I'm having a wonderfully exciting afternoon thinking about this in the background as I update a RAID system administration guide.
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