Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Hoist on my Own Petard

This is entirely my doing.

I sent email to an old friend yesterday, a friend who follows my livejournal, that made her laugh out loud. She responded with "You're very funny. Why don't you have a boyfriend?"

Last night I went to dinner with some friends from the Morris team. A few minutes into the evening Ironman Matt looked at me with that puppy-eyed mock-sincerity he mimics so well and asked me why I don't have a boyfriend.

The rest of the folks there asked what this was about and we told them of my livejournal entry that noted how often I get asked this question. Maybe that was the big mistake. From that point on a theme of the evening was for somebody to point out to me, after I said, oh, something odd or annoying, "And that's why you don't have a boyfriend!" I suspect this joke will last, off and on with diminishing frequency, for a while.

But it's not a bad joke. When we were discussing the possibility of new dances this season I suggested we call a new dance "Steven's Boyfriend." Michael said, "But that would require that nobody dance it!"

He considered this for a second, then amended it to, "No, it would just have to involve figures that were missing somebody."

Practices start in two weeks for the 2005 Cotswold season, which means everything for a while must be seen as a Morris dance metaphor.
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