Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

The Pristine Virgin Foot Up

From the inside of the set, it feels as if the best dancing we do all season is the very first dance at the very first practice. We had enough dancers for two sets of William and Nancy on Tuesday. The musicians began and Russ listened for a moment before calling "This time" and at the next musical phrase we lifted our right foot and went into a double step and we soared.

For that one dance of the year we are dancing by instinct alone, turning off our brains and relying on muscle memory. When we finished Douglas said, "I have the criticism for the dance: We have to dance that well every dance for the rest of the year."

But we can't. For one thing, many of us were absolutely beat after only the one dance, since we had jumped so hard and high after a lazy winter's hibernation. We get distracted and self-conscious. We have to work on style, and on new dances.

We were one sorry lot at the end of practice, except maybe for Eric who graduated high school last year and now attends Circus School. My feet hurt today, and my muscles ache, but it's a nice familiar ache and it makes physical stillness seem a great joy and relief, something I don't usually appreciate. We earned our beer and we earned our sleep.

But oh, that first moment of that first dance.
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