Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

The Pristine Virgin Cell-Phone User

The point at which my quirky Luddite recalcitrance becomes untenable is when it becomes an inconvenience to others. I will happily live in the darkest of ages if I alone have to squint to see, but I won't ask others to stumble around. That's a personal philosophy I try to apply to most situations.

That's why I just went out and bought a cell phone today.

There are occasions when even I appreciate the tremendous utility of a cell phone, particularly when traveling; still, on balance, I do not want one. But when I went to Boston last year I found myself calling a friend at home from a pay phone so he could relay a message (of where to pick me up outside a subway station) to his wife on her cell phone, which was asking a lot of both of them. When I went to Atlanta in November my cousin came to pick me up at the wrong wing of the airport terminal, a situation we could have sorted out in far less time if I had a cell phone. Wasting my time is acceptable. Wasting others' time is not.

I'm traveling to San Francisco next week, and while I'm gone both my boss and my family may have reason to reach me quickly. It's time.

I tried to buy the cell phone yesterday, but there were even more factors to consider than I had anticipated (and I had anticipated plenty). I needed to ponder many brochures and speak to several people before deciding to purchase the exact service plan and phone the salesman originally recommended when I discussed my needs.

So here I am. I can even take pictures with my phone, which might be other than pointless if I had a PC or some other sort of system at home. I wonder when that situation will become an inconvenience for anybody else.
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