Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

In the What Were They Thinking Department...

[The images referenced here probably won't be online for too much longer.]

Every now and then I browse a category on eBay. It's like a concentrated flea market I can check out during breaks at work. I suppose I should have expected that the Disneyana Vintage category would yield some examples of spectacularly ill-considered design.

Here's a Tinkerbell Tree topper, mint in box:


It's not a particularly good rendering of Tinkerbell ("Don't cry for me, Never-Never Land"), but beyond that there is something spiritually disconcerting about replacing the Christmas Tree Angel with a figure from a feature-length cartoon.

Still that's not so bad. What I find absurdly creepy is this:


These are Christmas tree ornaments that originally had light bulbs in them. Disembodied glowing plasticized heads of beloved cartoon figures just says "Merry Christmas" to me, you know?

Ok, but here's the worst. This is a 1930s Japanese lustre-ware cup from a Children's tea set. Note the image inside the cup, of Mickey holding a rabbit:


That is an armless rabbit with voluptuous breasts. Didn't somebody even look at the picture before reproducing it in a teacup?

Consider as well the horrifying notion of giant rodents holding up a rabbit, as if to make a stew. The rabbit looks none too pleased at the prospect but the ratlike hungry Minnie is thrilled.

I have a bid out on the teacup.
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