Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Virtual Shopping with Steven: Tea Towels!

Before heading off for the weekend, I submit for your enjoyment a picture of a lovely dishtowel that I covet, although not enough to bid for it on eBay from a dealer in England and pay the postage should I win:


Yes, it's a linen dishtowel that illustrates decimal currency conversions, plus other useful things, in comfortingly garish colors and retro fonts. Who would have originally bought this? Was it meant to be a sort of kitchen flashcard during the time of decimal conversion? Was there a brainstorming meeting at the linen factory where people tossed out their ideas for dishtowel themes?

Ok, that's a little odd, but I think this beats it in, well, whatever the contest theme is. It's a 1970 calendar towel from the United Nations Womens Guild:


In case you can't make out the words, it reads:

There shall be peace on earth; but not until
Each child shall daily eat his fill;
Go warmly clad against the winter wind
And learn his lessons with a tranquil mind.
And thus released from hunger, fear and need,
Regardless of his color, race or creed,
Look upward smiling to the skies,
His faith in man reflected in his eyes.

It's a rare child indeed who already has a creed, that's all I have to say. Actually it's all I can say before I start to feel a bit of heaving nausea. Come to think of it, those children seem intent on making themselves sick as well.

And then -- praise be -- I have the perfect towel to clean up with!
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