Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

The Flying Fat Man

A friend of a member of my Morris team came by in early May when we danced out at Macalester College and took the best Morris dance pictures I've ever seen, not just of our team but of any team. Getting pictures of dancers in action is very difficult to do, but some of his captures are stunning. His individual closeups show tremendous personality.

This picture of me is not the best of the pictures, in terms of showing the beauty of the dance, and really I'm not particularly graceful here, to put it mildly, but sometimes when I write about Morris I speak of the feeling of flying. Here's the proof:


Denise loves this picture, because it perfectly captures the sense of a dance that is just about to begin. That's Jim and Denise as musicians, Walser on the left, Douglas on the right, and my face peeking out from over Douglas's shoulder:


This picture may be my favorite. I want to make greeting cards with this picture. Alpha musician Walser is playing a jig for Finkle and Ironman Matt and, well, the rest is self-evident:


You should go to the main web page and look through all the photos. Some things in particular to note:

Russ looking very handsome.
Ironman Matt looking very hip.
Douglas showing the proper form for splitters.
Inspiring x-capers, me looking on in wonder.
Handsome, coy Finkle. There's lots of amazing pictures of him in this set.
Old Peculiar, showing the highest stick-tossing in the world.

Clicking on those pictures gets you even larger images.

I close with this, me looking a tad more graceful, or at least beatific:


But really, I think you should go check out the lot of them.
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