Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

I'm Mythic! I'm Famous!

My friend yesthattom wears many hats. One is Bisexual Activist/Organizer and another is Proud NewJerseyian. Wearing two of these hats, plus one that has something to do with getting naked, he is a coordinator of an annual gathering at the lgbt section of a nude beach at Sandy Hook State Park, a gathering sponsored by the bisexual organization BiZone.

As it happens, Sandy Hook is right on the other side of the town where I grew up and where my parents still live. When I learned of this event two years ago I decided it was a good excuse to visit my parents and to check out this particular beach in my home town. With a sort of bitter wistfulness I point out that there was nothing remotely like this when I was growing up. The beaches of Sandy Hook itself weren't even open for public bathing, much less public nudity or any flavor of glb activity.

The weather didn't exactly cooperate on the day of the picnic, but the folks there were interesting and very nice to me and I got to swim naked in the ocean for the first time. I've had it in my head that I should coordinate a visit to New Jersey on the weekend of the Big Bisexual Beach Bash again, but I haven't been able to arrange it yet.

In Tom's livejournal yesterday he announced this weekend's picnic and pointed to this years's announcement, which included this quote:

“We love the diversity of people that show up. People often come from as far as Boston,” said coordinator Tom Limoncelli, “One year a gay man from Minneapolis showed up and entertained us with songs about New Jersey!”...

That's me! That's me!

You would have guessed, wouldn't you?
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