Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Feeling Like Susan Dennis

I think susandennis would have been proud. This morning I used the "contact us" screen of to send off a consumer complaint. Well, not so much a consumer complaint as a negative review of a product. Part of me feels silly for writing a company about plastic wrap, but somebody's got to speak truth to power.

This is what I sent off.

I am writing to note what I consider to be a major design problem with the Reynolds Plastic Wrap with EZ Slide Cutter, a problem that caused me to have to toss most of a new box of plastic wrap.

I recently purchased a package of Reynolds foil at a Target store that came packaged with what I guess was a promotional box of Reynolds Clear Plastic Wrap (50 sq. ft.) with EZ slide cutter. I found this product unusable (not to mention frustrating).

When I removed the adhesive tab sealing the wrap, the wrap itself ripped (despite great care on my part, as this was a new product for me). The wrap ripped partly because the plastic was stuck so tightly to itself that it was nearly impossible to unstick and unroll it in one piece.

From that point there was simply no way to unroll the wrap evenly. One side unrolled, but the other remained stuck to itself. With standard packaging I can just remove the entire roll from the box when this happens and get this straightened out, but with the plastic tab cutter in place this was not possible. The more I tried to reach in around the plastic tab cutter and unroll the stuck half, the worse the problem got (as more and more plastic bunched up on the half that was not stuck). In time my efforts separated the plastic tab cutter from the roll. The printed information on the box cautions not to use the product if this happens.

I tried to put the whole thing back together, but this just ripped the box. At this point everything was in pieces and I was finally able to remove the roll of plastic and get things fixed, but I had no box nor tab cutter and had wasted a large amount of the plastic wrap. I now have what remains of the roll of plastic wrap which I can place in a different package if I think it's worth it.

But mostly I don't think it's worth it. I certainly wouldn't dream of purchasing this product, and since I think the point of the extra package with the foil was to introduce me to the product I thought I would let you know that this was not a successful introduction.

Low marks to your product team, I say.

Sometiimes you just gotta'. How did I do, Susan?
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