Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

The Curse of the Brown Band

If you consider all of the hours of my life, a very very teeny tiny percentage of them were actually spent on the bus with the Brown University Band heading to the away games. And of those hours in the bus, only a tiny percentage of them were spent in the singing of any particular band bus song, since the tradition was once per game first thing in the morning as the bus pulled out of Faunce House.

So why, why, and WHY are those songs etched deeply and indelibly and hauntingly in my brain, even after more than a quarter century? The songs are vulgar without being witty. They are to a large extent rugby songs. I know new songs, maybe better songs, and plenty. Why do I keep humming to myself about the four and twenty virgins who came down from Inverness?

What brings this up right now is that I've just left a meeting in the office of a respected colleague and project manager. My eyes happened to glance on an item in his office reminding me that this gentleman attended Yale a few decades ago. We were discussing the logistics of generating html help files from a document source in Frame, and what this might mean in terms of Java scripts that power a particular GUI. And meanwhile, in the back of my head, a slow semi-musical chant played on a loop:

To satisfy their libido
They are forced to beat their meat-o

The one or two former members of the Brown Band who occasionally check my journal will know exactly why.

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