Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

The Caffeine Countdown

I have no idea how well or quickly I will adjust to the drastic time zone change next week, but I've been to Europe four times in the last five years and I'm figuring that one out pretty well. One thing that helps a great deal, in my experience, is giving up coffee for a few days before leaving and taking it up again on the first morning in the new time zone. I read this in one of those travel articles once, gave it a try, and found it worked.

I definitely rely on my morning coffee, and on work days I sip it throughout the day. So this is no small thing for me.

Today is my cold turkey day. I would have preferred this to be on a day when I could nap, but the longer I am caffeine free the better and this is serious timeclock readjustment coming up.

This morning I chose to stop at a nice bakery cafe, to give myself a special pastry treat on my first and hardest no-coffee morning. It was somewhat unfortunate that it was a new training day for the guy behind the counter. There were three people ahead of me in line, which is a little bit unusual for that time of morning, and this turned out to be because the counter guy was having trouble operating the espresso machine. The man who ordered the espresso sweetly volunteered just to have plain coffee as I arrived (which is a bad sign for how long this had been going on, and a reminder that I live in Minnesota and not New York City), but the guy said no, he was getting it. In not too long the manager came out and helped him for a while and then took over the line. At which point the new guy offered to ring me up at the other end of the counter (he was a nice guy, just very much a trainee). He rang something up wrong, which I pointed out, and it was a little bit of time before he could figure out how to ring up my item (it involved going back to ask the manager at the other register). He apologized, of course, and was as nice about it as could be.

All the while this was going on I could feel my WITHDRAWAL ANNOYANCE welling up inside of me, like a demon. It was my goal not to give in, and I did pretty well. I stood making only the tiniest of nervous gestures with my fingers and kept a smile on my face and tried to relax. The only thing I did to appease that annoyed guy inside of me was that I didn't leave a tip from my change.

But it would definitely be better if I didn't actually have to interact with anybody today.
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