Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

They're Generally Troubled Here As Well

Sydney, NSW, Saturday morning

When I find an Internet shop here, or any place I can get online, I check my mail and I check the news before I can consider writing a livejournal entry. But this makes things difficult, because of course to write about my travel adventures and encounters and meals seems trivial or even wrong after taking in the news from the US. The people I meet here, even in casual encounters (my server at a restaurant, for example), find out I'm from the US and immediately say something supportive and empathetic about New Orleans. I haven't come up with any response that feels right except to shake my head and note the tragic nature of things and thank them for their concern, but I doubt there is a good response anyway.

So I continue with my journey and I walk all around Sydney and I meet up with friends of friends and I enjoy the b&b and I note my thoughts in my little pocket journal, but the underlying mood can feel unsettled. I am having a fine time and I'm getting my bearings in Sydney (today I'm taking a ferry around the harbor with friend-of-friend I met last night) and I ate kangaroo pizza (kangaroo meat and eggplant and red pepper topping, more yummy than you might think) at a restaurant in the Rocks at the foot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but I'm also passing newstands and sometimes I have to stop and sit after seeing the headlines and lead photos.

I have thoughts and angers and distresses and opinions, of course, but we all do and I doubt I can illuminate anything. It does seem worth noting that here all the way around the world the same emotions pervade the residents as I'm seeing from the US.
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