Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

A Note for Mizmoose

This could be private email as easily as a public livejournal entry, but I think the international nexus of geek connections is of general amusement and interest.

Esther: Perhaps your ears were burning early this morning because I was having dinner with Geoff and Mike C. and I mentioned that I'd been thinking about you a bit at the SAGE-AU conference because there was just something about the folks there and the conference in general that I think you would enjoy very much. And they would enjoy you. I had barely begun to get this sentence out when both Geoff and Mike jumped in with agreement, and a happy "Esther!" sort of response.

SO Geoff said I should add a postscript to one of my trip entries of "Geoff says hi". I said I wasn't sure you were reading and so I made this its own entry and put your name in the subject.

I asked Geoff is there were any audience for AFS in Australia and he said something like, "There might be."

And just to show what a geek I've become, I'm giving up yet another evening of my vacation to attend a talk by Damian Conway tomorrow night, sponsored by the local Perl organization. Which means sponsored by my new friends Paul and Jacinta, so it's more about personal connections and fun than pure geekery, but still...
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