Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Sydney Checkin

The Somalian taxi driver who took me to the Melbourne airport has a mother who lives in Minneapolis. He's never been there, but he's trying to work things out so he can go.

Melbourne to Sydney is barely a flight at all; we were in the air less than an hour. Coming up to Sydney from the south on a clear day allows you to see some beautiful coastline. Right, I thought, I'm back in Sydney. Time to switch mental gears.

The weather is beautiful. It is, in fact, the first really nice day since I've arrived. I'm not the sort who cares tremendously about that, although I admit that the warm sun shining on the Sydney streets makes you smile in delight.

The place I'm staying is even better than I remembered -- it's actually a small house rather than an apartment, although there are small areas locked off to guests. The kitchen is big enough for a table and there's a pantry with basic cooking equipment, not that I'll use it. The bedroom has a big non-working fireplace with a nice mantel shelf. The place feels spacious and comfortable and historic.

I've taken a quick walk around my new location. There's an amazing warehouse of a used bookstore here, Internet access three blocks away (once I hit King Street), and the laundromat and convenience store I need. It took all of a minute to remember the charming funkiness of Newtown, although it's a big change from the fashionplate cosmopolitan foodie area of Melbourne I left just a few hours ago.

In a couple of hours Julian and Seamus and Russell, locals I know through sinnabor, are picking me up to go for Vietnamese food. It will be interesting to see how that differs from Vietnamese food in Minnesota. Tomorrow I'm meeting the squire of the local Morris team for lunch. From there, who knows?

I think this will be the relaxing part of my trip.
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