Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Pictures From Dad

My father sent me some nice photos he took when he and my mother were visiting last week. Here are some photos of my apartment and of the wonderful building where we hold our Shape-Note singing on the Sunday of our Convention .

This is me, standing outside the front door of my apartment. The whole bottom floor is mine.

front door

This is a view into my dining room from the living room. The surfaces are covered with a variety of things: bags full of food to take to the shapenote convention, assorted items I have not yet put away, but that gives some idea of what my place looks like when I haven't cleared up for company. The door is opening up into the kitchen.

dining room

Here is a view of my living room from my dining room. It looks very Craftsman here, doesn't it?

living room

Here is a photo of the Town Hall at Murphy's landing, during a break in the singing. In the front of the picture is a rear-view of me in a white shirt and khaki pants, in which you can see that my braid seems to have grown a little while I was in Australia.


I think my father did very well here.
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