Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Spot the Homo

Here's a picture of bconn, who lives in Seattle:

Smiling Brian

Here's a picture of Glenn, who lives in Perth:

Smiling Glenn

"I have more hair," said Glenn, on seeing the picture of Brian, but even so I believe he saw the doppelganger nature of the situation.

But it's not just the smile and the coloring and the general demeanor -- these two gentlemen have the same sort of personal energy about them. Well, I suppose you can see that in the pictures if you look. ctseawa, who lives in Seattle but was also in Perth, said to me that he kept wondering why Brian was there, so it's not just me.

It was terribly disconcerting, because on meeting Glenn -- no, just on seeing him across the room -- I responded emotionally to him as if he were the person I already knew and held great fondness for. As it turned out, Glenn is somebody whom you would feel great fondness for on his own merits, and pretty quickly, but that was just a bonus.

And yet they differ in one key aspect of their makeup. I noted this to Glenn and he said, "You worked that out about me, did you?" It was the parallel alternate universe.

Of course it was. It was Australia.

And it was Perth. Which is very very very far away from anything. If you travel all that distance across all that ocean or desert what do you find? The world you know, turned upside down.

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