Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Bonfire Night

I may be several generations removed from an agricultural life, but I still find resonance and joy in a seasonal cycle. This is a key part of the appeal of Morris dancing for me, obviously. After a number of years, Mayday matters. Halloween matters. Long summer evenings matter, for Cotswold. Dark evenings matter, for Border. Winter ale and summer ale are different beverages, and each would taste wrong in the incorrect season.

What also matters is Guy Fawkes day, which may seem precious but no, after enough years it seems the right thing to acknowledge. The sight of the burning Guy fills me with legitimate awe.

Two years ago I wrote a livejournal entry about the annual celebration hosted by my friends Darcy and Paul (an expat Brit). This year a local newspaper published a story about this event, with specific mention of my Border morris team.

So on Saturday evening I will head south of the Twin Cities in my Border kit, taking my drum with me and perhaps some food, to celebrate Bonfire Night with my friends. Sometimes we huddle in the chicken house for warmth and sing political songs.

I wish you all a riotous Bonfire Night of your own.
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