Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Before Some of You Were Born

The other day jwg pointed to a 1978 photo that showed him and rsc in a previous stylistic incarnation. In response (and in a similar spirit) I present the following, which my father just sent me this morning. It's a photo of my brother David, my father, and me at the Middletown Folk Festival (the festival my parents ran).

The photo shows what the three of us look like after a few days of very little sleep -- I think you can see a certain degree of fatigue in all of us, although my father has been the busiest. I can't figure out how any of the three of us in the photo even managed to find the time to stop for long enough to sit down.

My guess is that this photo was taken in the early 80s, since I stopped cutting my hair in 1984.

Levines at Middletown

It depicts an alternate universe in so many facets.
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