Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

The Whole Quartet, plus 1, circa 1982.

Evidently my father read the comment in my livejournal entry yesterday in which I noted that I had no digital photos of all my brothers. I guess he took this as a challenge, so he sent along the following, from 1982, when we all gathered at my parents house to meet my newborn niece.

The strangest thing about this photo, at least regarding my quarter of it, is that it captures one of my brief skinny periods. Periodically over the years I would starve myself down about thirty pounds, but obviously that was a stupid thing to do and the weight always came right back as soon as I ate anything approaching a livable number of calories again. I have stopped doing that, of course, although sometimes when Morris season comes around and I have to leap way high in the air I consider the extra fifty pounds I now carry and remember what a good faster I can be. Then I hit myself on the head with a Morris stick and remember reality.

Anyway, here we all are, dewy and young and eager. Me, Michael, Jessie, Matthew, and David.

Newborn Jessie

And with that I leave for the weekend. I am heading to Dodgeville Wisconsin tonight to attend a shapenote singing tomorrow.
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