Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Vacationing at Geek Camp

My work life became a lot more engaging for me about a decade ago when, as a side effect of SGI's purchase of Cray, I was able to attend the annual USENIX Lisa Conference. This is a conference for system administrators, for whom I write documentation, and once I started attending these conferences I felt connected to a world outside of my desk and my terminal and the developers I work with. I also have a great, great time at the conference, where I have made many friends (over a quarter of my livejournal friends are people I first met at a LISA conference). There have been a few years when I have paid all or a portion of my conference costs, although my company remains as supportive as it can afford to be of my attending. My entire trip to Australia last summer hung on attending the parallel conference there.

This year my company is not in a position to help me attend the conference, which is in San Diego the first week in December, and I had resigned myself to not being able to go. But then I got to thinking about all the people I like to see who would be together in one place, including some of my friends from Australia. I found a roundtrip airplane fare of less than $200, so I decided what the heck, why don't I take a little three-day vacation in San Diego in December and my, what a coincidence, there's a system administration conference being held at this very hotel!

I leave Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 7, and return Saturday night, Dec. 10, so I'm just dropping by for a couple of days and nights, but I'm taking those days as vacation days so I won't even feel any obligation to do any work-related networking (as if I can help that). In a way I feel a little odd about this, as if I'm setting myself up to be a strange sort of camp follower, but I admit to being a Geek Groupie (I'm a Geekosexual!) and I should just admit as well that I think hanging out with the sysadmins is a fun time for me.

I should probably write some new sysadmin songs...
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