Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

The Taxi's Waiting, He's Blowing His Nose

I haven't gotten on an airplane since I returned from Australia, but suddenly the itineraries pile up, both committed and potential.

Next week I'm heading off to San Diego for just under three days, as I've written about previously. This will be easy and quick and fun and a lovely visit with my various Unix geek friends who gather together annually to perform their ritual re-energizing.

My big excitement of today is that I went and clicked on the purchase button for my trip east at the end of December. This year a variety of pre-Xmas-weekend events poked their way up, so I leave on the 20th and return on the 28th, in time to clean up my apartment for the big New Year's Day Feast of Friends.

So that's two trips pressing up somewhat close to each other. I generally prefer a bit of home time between airplane rides. But when I look ahead across the year divide there's more flight time afoot. I have to go to the Bay Area for some work in mid-January, and I recently found out that the all-California shapenote singing is MLK weekend. So I'll likely be flying out for that, taking some vacation time in San Francisco, and then spending a few days in Mountain View. That comes up pretty quickly after I return back from the east coast.

Ok, so this inspired to me to consider the subsequent six months, and the vague plans I've been making for a while. There is a museum exhibit on the International Arts and Crafts movement that originated at the Victoria and Albert that will be at the DeYoung in San Francisco next spring, and I've been talking with my parents about making a trip out for that. It's been several years since I've been to the wonderful Cooper Book singing in Hoboken Georgia that's held in March (the weekend of what's become my annual trip to Madison). I've been hoping to visit Toronto for about a year now, and I'm well past due for another trip to Boston. Yikes. Maybe I won't try to travel to the East Midlands in April, as I've done for two of the last three years.

That should take care of things until May. Maybe it will be time to think about returning to Australia by then.
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