Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

New York, New York: A Helluva Town

I read a good deal of the New York Times and the New Yorker the way you might read recipes you'll never make or restaurant reviews of expensive restaurants where you'll never dine. I'm speaking of the articles about various museum and gallery exhibits, which give me vicarious enjoyment. Apparently there are about 60,000 small galleries in New York City, many of which seem to be bank lobbies.

I read an article the other day about "Wearing Propaganda", an exhibit of clothing and textiles from WWII with war-related prints on them that will be showing at the previously-unknown-to-me Bard Graduate Center on the upper west side. My gosh, this is an exhibit for me. I even own some women's scarves that might fit the exhibit. Here's a nice website about the exhibit, with pictures.

But hey, realized I, I'm actually going to be in the New York area next week and I'm not 100% scheduled. In fact, I had vague plans to come into the city on Friday Dec. 23 (also Wed. Dec. 21 and Monday Dec. 26, for other specific things) but now those plans are firm: I'm taking the train in and I'm seeing that exhibit! It feels so weird to have the opportunity.

Then I might be meeting up with folks later and I plan to end the day at Marie's Crisis Cafe in Sheridan Square, to which I haven't been for years and years but which I'm hoping is still somehow after all this time the last remaining true singalong gay piano bar on the planet. (Other singalong piano bars have turned into karaoke and cabaret, which is so not the same thing.)
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