Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Tell Me What Street Compares with Mott Street

I'm re-enamored of New York City.

I get to Manhattan once a year, for an annual December gathering of my college band friends, which usually involves walking from Penn Station to Central Park. I periodically have occasion to stay overnight,at the home of some friends who live in a great apartment near the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge. Every time I walk the streets of that city I stare skyward in hick astonishment and I marvel at the architecture in general and I listen, fascinated, to the speech rhythms. That I grew up in the general area matters not a whit here; New York City has become a romantic exotic place for me.

This year, in addition to the band party, I spent an afternoon with bconn at the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Folk Art. I had dinner in the West Village with my friend Ned and xlerb at a restaurant of Great Character and History called Chumley's. After dinner we went to a singalong piano bar called the Monster where bearfuz and trulygrateful joined us.

I so loved absolutely everything I did and saw in Manhattan. The time, the mood, the company, and well just everything instilled a strong, strong desire to return for a specific Manhattan vacation. In fact, I have an idea that's bubbling up. bconn and I discussed returning to the city to walk the streets with architecture books in hand, and I pointed out that one of my friends I stay with was an architect before going to business school and she would probably enjoy doing this tour with us. Later I had occasion to mention this idea to other people, and everybody said, "Could you let me know when you plan to do this?"

Thinking about this, I realize that I know a fair number of people who would love the excuse to visit Manhattan for a day or two of guided touring, with planned lunches and dinners at fun restaurants. And then I could go back to the Monster each night, to sing into the wee hours. If more than a few people express interest we could easily hire a professional architectural tour guide.

So maybe this will happen in the summer or fall. I've got lots of details to enjoy thinking through. Doesn't that sound like fun?
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