Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Are We Dorky Yet?

As a followup to some old family photos I posted a few weeks back, I now provide the following. It is a picture of my family taken on the day of my bar mitzvah, at the end of 1969.

There's a big problem here, though, because the original picture is extremely faded. I read an article once that the Kodak company was well aware that their color processing would tend to fade over the years, and the point of the article was that for a couple of decades the American public was sold a bill of goods about the "memories" their photos would provide.

So my father has been playing around with some sort of Photoshop type program (I'm not sure what) and he's managed to restore a bit of color but at the cost of a bit of clarity -- our faces look oddly blank here, but there really is very little detail left unfaded in the original. Another odd result of the increased contrast is that my mother and to some extent my brother Matthew look here as if they have outlined their lips with eyeliner, which I assure you has never been my mother's style (to put it mildly). Anyway, here we are, for posterity -- Michael's 15, I'm 13, David's 10, and Matthew's 7. Dad and Mom are neither of them 40 yet.

bar mitzvah

Now one thing that I see when I look at old pictures of me -- until my late twenties really -- is that I have a freakish amount of hair. I still have a relatively thick braid, but I used to have enough hair to make two braids the thickness of my present one. This picture, I think, shows a bit of this. My hair really was that light, a sandy tweed color.

Anyway, dork dork dork dork. Hah. Although my father looks beatnik hip and if you can ignore the bizarre photo-processed lip outline my mother looks pretty in this picture.
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