Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Dad at the Scanner

This is kind of fun for me, even if it's growing tedious for the rest of you.

Here's another family photo, and it's a photo I have on display in my apartment because it's the most flattering photo of me ever taken. It's not the best likeness (I didn't really look like this), but it's a photo a friend once called "magazine photo Steven". Another friend, on looking at this picture, demanded that I shave my beard off immediately (which I walked into the bathroom and did, just to prove that it wouldn't make me look like this). Another friend said "What happened?" but I thought that kind of rude.

It's from about 1980, and includes my former sister-in-law Melissa. It's part of the switching-beards sequence of family photos, from the period when we regularly alternated which brothers had beards. In beardless pictures of me you can see how much I look like my mother. Left to right, top to bottom: Michael, me; Melissa, mom, dad; Matthew, David. My mother, in this picture, is a little bit younger than I am now and my father a little bit older.

Us in 1980

Dad also found a copy of the bar mitzvah picture in much better condition, so I present that one as well. No lip liner, no blankness to our faces, and the color blue has returned to the universe. Oh, and there's a dulcimer on the wall:

Better bar mitzvah picture

Someday I myself will get a scanner, and then this journal will get very tedious indeed.
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