Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Famous in San Jose

It was a harrowing trip to San Francisco that involved a cancelled flight, a delayed plane, an ultimately false belief that I had missed a connecting flight, an adrenalin-powered run through an airport, and a couple of small problems with rental cars. But in the long run, despite the 3.5 hour delayed arrival time, I was able to see the people I had arranged to see and do what I planned to do (mostly), so in retrospect it doesn't seem quite so bad as it seemed at the time. At the end of it all, I found myself in San Francisco, with a renewed sense of wonder and delight at the city.

A friend referred to me today as Sacred Harp's latest media celebrity, because a photographer from the San Jose Mercury News came to the shapenote singing in San Carlos on Saturday and took a few pictures, some of them of me. A big dramatic photo of me appeared in Sunday's paper, and I also can be heard in snippets of interview (accompanied by more photos of me, for that part of the presentation) in an online slideshow about the event.

That slideshow can be found here.

Since then I've been seeing friends and walking around San Francisco and now I'm in Mountain View trying to grab the software engineers away from their terminals to talk with me about some projects. I return to SF this weekend. Originally I planned to schedule some visits to the East Bay to see friends this weekend, since I have a rental car this trip, but I've decided that I just want to spend more time in San Francisco itself. I bought a new book of historical walking tours, and there's a movie showing at the Castro Theater I want to see on Saturday, and Sunday evening is the San Francisco Freedom Band's banquet and awards ceremony. So that's plenty enough fun for now.

It's been raining a bit. I've never seen the hills of landfill along the bay east of 101 in Mountain View so green.
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