Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

A Moment of Surpassing Geekery

I tell my geek friends all the time that I am not really one of them, but occasionally I have a moment that makes me question this assertion. Many of the folks who read my journal will not get this, I'm assuming, which is the point.

So there I was, walking around SGI's offices in Mountain View, when I passed a closet labeled "riser storage". The first thought yes the very first thought that popped into my head, unbidden, was "I guess that's where they keep their disk journals." Trust me, this is almost funny, particularly if you don't spell very well or if you say it out loud.

I was once walking along with uury when he stopped in his tracks, turned to me, and shouted, "You sound just like the filesystem guys!" I think now I know what he meant.

And you know, once a friend told me that she was going to use a vintage toaster I'd given her to store mail and my response was, "Will it have its own IP address?" because, um, one of the things they kept saying back then about IPv6 was that individual household appliances would have their own IP addresses and of course to transmit mail you need ... oh, never mind. I still say it isn't quite the same sort of geekery that you have.
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