Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

The Long, Long Hair Pictures

At the Stonewall 25 Parade in NYC in 1994, my friend Ned took a picture of me in all my Godiva glory. Or maybe my Crystal Gayle finery, since I'm wearing clothing. The picture makes my hair look notably longer than it usually seemed, because for one thing it is damp (hair is longer when wet, since it stretches, but the difference is not noticeable with short hair) and all the braid-induced waves are gone, which adds several inches to where it falls. In fact, my hair is actually longer than this now when it is wet and combed out straight like this, although it's a little bit thinner and not so dramatic. Plus the photo was taken from a top angle, making the hair look longer.

Ned recently sent me a scanned version of the photo. so I post it in my Friday journal entry. That's thaaang combing me, wearing one of his standard "pay attention to ME" outfits:

long long hair

Ned also sent along a rearview picture of me putting my hair back into its braid:

braiding the hair

It's pretty dramatic, I think.
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