Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

The Schooner Brokeback

On an irregular basis, I put together a newsletter for my Morris Team, The Squire's Maggot. Now that we're all more or less reachable by email I don't publish it as frequently as I once did, but now and then hard copy is a good thing.

A traditional Maggot must include, by way of random illustration, vintage or historical photographs that include accordions or variant squeezeboxes. A reproduction of an old postcard that shows, say, a frog playing a concertina will suit:


For the team meeting on Tuesday I put together a Maggot with our last year's schedule, to use as a basis of discussion for this year's schedule. Among the illustrations was the Obligatory Cheesecake Accordion Photograph:


Is this lovely lady actually on a boat, leading shanties? I asked this of Bob W., our resident seasong scholar, and he asked in response how the sailors could keep their minds on their work.

Hmmm, I thought, perhaps this is the legendary Schooner Brokeback, in which case that isn't much of an issue.

Research into the songs and stories of this fabulous boat is only beginning.
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