Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Steven Gives a Party

Tomorrow afternoon I will be hosting Anna Bean and Lolo and Smack, ages 10, 8, and 8, for a Saturday matinee video party. We will watch some Betty Boop cartoons and the early-sixties Mary Martin production of "Peter Pan". Grilled cheese and hot cocoa will be served.

Lolo informs me, via his mother, that he doesn't care for hot cocoa, so I'll have flavored syrup and carbonated water on hand to make what they call "special soda" at Caribou Coffee. When Lolo and Smack were 4 years old or so I once or twice walked them over to Caribou for an excursion to partake of this very beverage. Back then I lived three blocks away from their house.

You see I finally set up my DVD player, which I had avoided doing for a year since it required moving several bookshelves full of books (don't ask). But the VCR bit the dust the other day so I had to replace that anyway. There were some great snafus in the setup process, which in the end turned out to be caused by a previously unnoticed flaky cable connection coming up from the floor rather than anything in the setup itself. This took some time to troubleshoot.

I have been slowly introducing Anna to classic 1930s cartoons, since I discovered that she'd never seen a Betty Boop cartoon. I bought some DVDs and I have on occasion gone over to visit Anna and her dad and we watch cartoons and eat pizza. At Tuesday Morris practice, which Anna has attended her whole life since her father is fore and her mother is one of the musicians, I told Anna that I was now set up myself to show DVDs on my regular tv. I had previously purchased a portable player so that Anna could watch things in the side room when she came over during team meetings or other adult affairs, and while Anna loves curling up on the futon sofa with a pile of old comic books (I purchase those on eBay for her) and the portable DVD player going, the big tv with the company of others is also a good time.

As it turns out Anna's mom's Saturday schedule is such that it will actually be a great convenience to her for me to host Anna for the afternoon (which I haven't done for a year). Lolo and Smack's father (Bob) is also on the Morris team, which reminded me that I haven't had Lolo and Smack over in a very long time, either -- even though I purchased the Peter Pan videotape to watch with them when I discovered that these boys have developed a special fondness for musicals (they own band uniform jackets so they can play "Music Man"). So I issued the invitation and Bob checked the boys' schedule and now it's set. Oh, and Anna informed me that she herself has purchased some more Betty Boop cartoons that she wants me to see. So we've got our program: cartoons on the DVD, Peter Pan on the VCR.

Apparently all three of my guests are very excited about the event. So am I, actually.
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