Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Steven Goes South: A Photo Documentary

I've never acquired the habit of bringing along a camera to document my life, although fortunately I have often found myself in the company of those who do. I traveled to Hoboken Georgia last week with my friend Eleanor, who today sent me along some photos. Here's a few of those photos, for those who need the visuals.

Here's a picture of me in the middle of the hollow square, bringing in the altos during The Gates of Paradise.

me leading

The twins Karen and Carol Buche both lived in Minnesota until a few years ago when Karen married a singer from Lafayette Alabama. They had a reunion at this singing and in this photo you can see Carol sitting at the left of the picture amidst the trebles and Karen in her pink and navy blue outfit in the middle of the leads at the right of the picture. They sing like angels:


On Sunday, at dinner after church services, I took out my copy of Brumley and started singing gospel songs, knowing that Miss Minnie Cade would join right in; nobody enjoys singing (and none sing better) than this white-haired woman of Blackshear. This pictures catches us singing with each other, having been joined by, among others, my friend Jim Pfau (blue shirt, far left), his daughter Anna Kate (to my left), and the brilliant singer Syble Adams (standing behind the seated Minnie Cade).

church social

Here's Syble leading on Saturday, reveling in the state of bliss she feels when she sings.

Syble in Blue

As one might say: What's a nice Jewish boy...
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