Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

The Photographer Gets Snapped

Ah ha, it turns out that Ned stole a few pictures of my father during the San Francisco visit, so I add these for the sake of completion.

My parents arrived in San Francisco last Tuesday from New Jersey, a bit delayed after a very long day of travel. I rushed them off to their hotel for a fast checkin, then we headed south of Market for the most delicious of meals at Restaurant Lulu. The glorious smell of herbed chickens on the rotisserie greets you there, and the wine list is extensive.

Here is a pretty good picture of my father at dinner:

Dad at Lulu

And here, from a different angle, are my friends Pieter and his partner Mark and, again, my father at the head of the table:

Pieter at Lulu

It really was a nice meal and a great introduction to the visit.
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