Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

The Doppelganger Lure of Seattle

I brought it up as an agenda item at my group meeting last Thursday, whether I should fly off to Seattle for two days the first week in May. Glenn (aka kasinik) whom I met in Perth last September will be in Seattle for a brief visit with Lee (aka ctseawa) to begin his trip to the US. When I found this out, I set to work organizing a meetup between Glenn and Seattle resident Brian (aka bconn). Because they have to meet. They have to. Because they are long-lost twins, as I wrote about last October. I want to see the world explode when matter and anti-matter meet. Or maybe I just want all the world's senior system administrators to become friends.

I mean, just look at this picture of Brian and then look at this picture of Glenn and try to tell me I'm making this up. Cute, eh? (Oops, did I write that out loud?)

You need to come out here as well, insisted Lee. I'd love to see you, claimed Glenn. Don't make me beg, threatened Brian. But that would be insane. Glenn will be in Seattle Thursday eve through Saturday morning. The previous Monday is Mayday, my main religious holiday, when I'll be up dancing at dawn and then all day and evening. Tuesday evening my Morris team is dancing at Macalester College, as we do every year. The following Sunday we're dancing at the Powderhorn Park Mayday Festival. If I went to Seattle at all it would have to be for two days only, surrounded by tremendous busyness here. Yeah, and... said Lee.

But this is absurd. I have three major projects due at work about that time, and I am still waiting for information on all of them. If I snuck off to Seattle it would be a 1.5-day work week, that's how it would work out. And I was planning to go to NYC in mid-May. And. And. And.

And my boss said: Don't plan your life around deadlines because deadlines always change and besides, I'm tired of these guys always sending you stuff at the last minute. But but .... And then my co-worker Ken said, "Well, Steven, what are your values?". Boom. Bingo. No further discussion was necessary. Glenn lives in Adelaide, at this point; what are the chances of my being able to see him again? Ok, probably not so bad; both of us may well wind up at a future system administration conference in Australia, but still. My roundtrip flight turns out to be amazingly inexpensive, so even the cost/hour reckoning of a very brief trip is not prohibitive.

I arrive around dinnertime on Wednesday, May 3. Brian is organizing some sort of open get-together that evening, on my request, about which I plan to contact you folks in Seattle when it gets settled. Glenn arrives Thursday. Friday I may join Glenn and Lee as they play tourist. And because I'm a traveling barfly, I'm hoping to join Brian for his weekly Bar Review Friday evening, for imbibations and "drinky-poos" as he sometimes calls them. Home on Saturday, dance on Sunday, die on Monday, those are my plans.

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