Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

The First Flash of Mayday Madness

Mayday morning has become hugely important to me. I wrote about Mayday in 1996, when I had just begun to dance (although I'd been coming to Mayday with my bass drum for years). I wrote about it in 2000, when I had my first sublime soaring dancing moment, a moment that altered my identity to include the notion that I am a Morris dancer. I wrote more in 2004 and then again in 2005 and I haven't even scratched the surface.

I had my first brief moment of Mayday excitement for this year the other day. It didn't come as a result of a current email discussion among the local team squires about the plans for Mayday evening, since logistics per se tend to be a source of frustration for me rather than pleasure (can you imagine?). It didn't come at Braggarts practice, as we worked on our possible show dances for Mayday morning; we're still not quite to the point of excitement there and I've still got a lot to settle about the first few weeks of our season. No, the surprise sparkle of anticipation came after practice, when a few of us went out for pizza (chicken, gouda, mushrooms, and, um, peppers?) and we were talking about Bad Kitty Morris and I made some comment about the order of teams on Mayday morning being based on their year of founding and Douglas started to say he didn't know this but interrupted himself to announce that he didn't WANT to know this and Andy and I made some remark about it being of great significance to Ed and suddenly the whole mad bizarre complex and inexplicable world of Twin Cities Morris came to life full force in my brain and I thought, happily, "It's almost Mayday!"

I hope this makes no sense at all to most of you.
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