Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

For the Cosmopolitan Toddler on Your Gift List

There is a particular ashtray, long common at flea markets and now on eBay as well, whose existence baffles me somewhat. Here, let me show you:

Braille ashtray

I own one of these in turquoise. Some are available with a cane imprinted in the middle rather than a seeing eye dog.

Yes, that's an ashtray with a seeing-eye dog in the middle and the Braille alphabet around the rim.

Now, who are these ashtrays for? The confusing thing is that we associate alphabet items with toddlers. So this seems to be for blind toddlers, to teach them Braille. And if they make a mistake you can stub your cigarette out on the back of their precious little hand.

Nonsense, you say? This is clearly an ashtray for an adult?

I don't know about that. Here's another lovely ashtray I found on eBay:

Mickey ashtray

This matches sets of children's dishes. Is there an explanation? Was this a mistake?

Nope, not a mistake. There's more:

Mickey ashtrays

Isn't it just TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!!

Well, if you must sit down to take it all in, perhaps you can sit on this, the most frightening children's chair I think I've ever seen:

Mickey chair

It's pretty much the definition of perverse.

And it's Mickey!
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