Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

The Seattle Photolog

Could there be a happier bookended boy?

Steven and His Boys

bconn had his camera with him for much of my visit the other week. I've stolen his pictures wholesale, and I'm finding they are helping me to see things. The trip itself was so sudden and whirlwind that it was hard to take it all in at the time. I'm grateful for the images.

Here's a quintessential Seattle image, for example: kasinik, me, and ctseawa at one of the famous Pike Place pigs:

Boys and Pig

My trip actually began two days previous to when that photo was taken. After an early arisal, a half day of work, and a long plane ride, here I am: weary and evidently happy, hanging out with Trey H. at the Elysian brewpub. I am still wearing my travel clothes (thus the tie):

Me and Trey

The whole crowd at the brewpub, sinnabor (Brian S.) and ljtourist (Frank W.) and me and Lee and Trey:


Brian snapped a shot of me in his apartment, at the very end of that first evening, even wearier and even happier. The wine may have something to do with my mood. Note my fancy Japanese socks, purchased on King's Road in London.


Most of the pictures Brian took are of me and Glenn posing in and around various Seattle sights and landmarks. It's practically a photo montage for a television special. Here we are, for example, on Queen Anne Hill, with the obligatory view of the Space Needle and the city skyline in the background, and is that Mount Rainier?

space needle

These next two pictures should attest to the accuracy of my evoking a television special photo montage. They could be from the opening credits of "The Courtship of Eddie's Father". They were taken at Golden Gardens, overlooking Puget Sound. Do you see what I mean?


If that wasn't enough, then surely a skipping stones shot will suffice (if it's not overkill):


Unfortunately, we have no good record of Susan Dennis and me together, except for this one shot that shows the briefest slice of the back of Susan's head and a bit of my braid. I believe it was the building Brian was going for.

susan's head

For the rest of the lot (again, all stolen from Brian), you can check out my (Brian's) Seattle gallery.
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