Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Practically a Resident

It's amazing how fast you can acclimate yourself to a new situation (or my gosh, a new continent and hemisphere) when you have the regularity of work, which gives you a steady schedule and a shape to your days and repeated routes. I get up early, find some place for breakfast near my hotel, and walk to the train station. I am surrounded by commuters, but they are AUSTRALIAN commuters. I take the train from the Central Business District of Melbourne out to the suburb of Camberwell, where I walk about half a mile through what I would call the High Street -- again, swimming through a sea of commuters, past the local shops which are just opening up. There are places along the street I can stop for a nice coffee or even a full breakfast or perhaps an order of toast. I wend my way to my office, where I have a security card, and I settle in to my cubicle and sort through email and spend my days talking with software developers. Lunchtime I check out the local places. Today I went to Oodles of Noodles for a bowl of Seafood Nasi Goreng.

Just a regular old workday, like the opening credits to a movie. BUT I'M IN AUSTRALIA.

Ok here's what's so weird: I feel as if I have been quickly and thoroughly transported into a different life in a different country, with no transition period. I am reeling.

Tonight I scheduled myself to take things easy, figuring (quite rightly it turns out) that just about now the jet lag and stimulus and work flurry would all catch up with me. So I did some laundry and now I'm waiting for Geoff to come by for a quick small meal at the Bar Humbug next door. The original plans were to check out the Melbourne Oyster Bar around the corner, but neither of us can face another fancy rich meal.

Hey, Geoff just arrived so I'm signing off. He says hello to everyone who knows him, and everyone who doesn't. In the former category, that includes you mizmoose, and of course so many others. In the latter category you are all just friends he has yet to meet.

Best from Down Under,

Outback Steven
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