Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Whose Life Is It, Anyway? A Morris Dancer's!

My current sense of things is that I'm living a complete life in Melbourne -- it just happens to be somebody else's life and not mine.

Whoever owns this life dances with the Britannia Morris Men. Here's a picture from last night's practice:

Click on the picture for a larger display.

The Britannia Morris Men are currently going through a slow period, with diminished membership. Which is why I'll be dancing with them on Saturday, or whosever life I'm borrowing will be.

Because the team is small these days, they've worked up dances for three and four people. The dance being practiced in this picture requires only three dancers. It is danced to the tune "Monk's March" and this final figure requires each dancer, in turn, to duck, allowing the stick-swinger to clash with the remaining dancer. Seems dangerous to me, but I got through it when it came my time to dance:

That's in the Brunswick Town Hall, in Melbourne. Where I attended practice last night as if I lived here. And then we went out and had a beer.
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