Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Next Train: Emu Plains

For the last few years that I lived in Cambridge I took the Red Line into Boston every workday. I never grew tired, even slightly, of the wonder of the view when the train emerged from underground to cross over the Charles, heading into the Back Bay. When I go back to visit and ride the T that moment continues to hold emotional resonance to me.

So you know how major of a thing it is for me to say that I think the view of Sydney Harbour from the commuter train to town from North Sydney on a sunny morning tops this.

The regular old commuter train crosses the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Off to your left is the Sydney Opera House. In front of you is the CBD (Central Business District), where the buildings come up flush against the Harbour at Circular Quay. The harbour itself is a spectacular arrangement of water and islands and coastline and peninsulas. Even the transports must have taken note on arrival, after their endless weeks at sea.

I wonder if the actual residents grow jaded to the sight.
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