Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Touching Down

It was a long trip home, but then Matt and Deb picked me up at the airport and we went back to their place so I could upload the photos I took and then Michael and Anna Bean came over and Andy too (he's staying there just now). We filled each other in on various things and ate pizza of course (this is my Morris team, after all). All that fun and warmth and welcome helped me plow through the evening, exhausted unto ruination, until it was an appropriate time to go home to sleep at long last.

The photos I took are on the banal side, being more memory joggers than artistic expression, but I hope to make illustrated journal entries from them over the next couple of weeks, as the trip sinks in and I finally absorb it. The best photos are ones that other people took for me -- hey, I'm new at this. This one might turn out to be my favorite -- it's definitely the cover illustration for the imaginary book about my travels. jcoldrey took this at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney. Doesn't it cry out, "Steven in Australia!" I mean, come on: The Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House (look closely for that one), the Harbour itself with Sydney in the background. Cliches are us, but what a cliche this is:

The picture displays a little larger if you click on it. Actually, you can click twice for an even larger display.

Oh, and here's me and Kenn (pire), out clubbing. This was taken with Kenn's camera (either by his friend Stanley or Tim). Thanks to Kenn for passing it (and others) along:

You don't believe I actually danced? Hah! Here's proof:

See? I don't know what to do with my hands. And I'd wrapped my braid around my cap here, to keep it out of the way. Looking at this photo makes me realize I shouldn't do that again.

And one more for now, just to follow up and illustrate my live account. Again from Kenn, it's an illustration of what I now know is called a "tramp stamp". That's Kenn's childhood friend Stanley in the foreground.

Do you see what I mean when I say that the cleavage view seems conscious and encouraged? (Should I remind you to click twice on the picture for a deeper view?)

Well, that's a brief pictorial overview of my time in Sydney. More to come.
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