Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Juicy Juice, Thou Art My Darling

I've been absent from these precincts for a bit, what with the July 4 holiday and the return to work and the general readjustment to all things Home. Today I'm quickly checking in, with a picture from this year's Midwest Morris Ale that has recently become available to me and which I am pleased to share, as it shows the ill influence of Morris Dance on the Youth of Today. Huzzah!

This picture is from the mid-afternoon pub stop from our Sunday tour through the towns around Dodgeville Wisconsin on Memorial Day Weekend. As background I note that there is a children's Morris Dance team in the Twin Cities that goes by the name of Northern Lights. Among the members of this team are three children of Jack, who dances with my team. (Jack's son Erik is a full regular adult member of our team and the highest flyer on the planet.) Bob W's twin boys Lolo and Smack also dance on Northern Lights, as does Anna Bean, the child of Mike (team fore) and Denise (team musician). I've spoken of some of these children before.

Well, that's a full side right there, especially as all these fine young folk came to the Ale this year. They dressed in their kit and toured right along with the rest of us, dancing on the beautiful very hot day. By 2pm or so they were as in need of a stop at the pub as any.

Belly up to the bar, boys and girls:

As soon as they downed their drinks, the wee folks pictured led us all in a rather spirited version of "All for Me Grog."

You may note how perfectly at home they all seem, these children after my heart.
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