Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Deco Down Under

Melbourne has many wonderful Art Deco building facades. Photographing buildings is something of a speciality, and I have no real photographic experience at all, but I did try to take a few shots to show what I mean here. Actually, I took very few shots, thinking that I just wasn't getting this down right; I regret that now. I guess I have to go back to Australia, learn a little more about the settings on the camera, and snap away. Maybe I'll do this next week.

This is the David Jones department store branch in Melbourne (you really need to click on this to see the detail):

Isn't that amazing? Here's a random similar building, of which there are many:

Here are badly aligned random shots of the entryway to one of the many arcades that cut through the buildings in Melbourne; my goal was just to prod my memory on my return about the glorious decorative tiling that abounds there. This is a ceiling and a floor, leading to the Dickens Pub where I met up with the Britannia Morris Men my last evening in Melbourne before heading to Sydney (you can see the entrance leading to the stairway down to the pub in the third shot, particularly if you click to enlarge):

And just because there are people who read my journal who'd rather see boys than buildings, I include, off-topic, a picture of me and Seumas and Garth the night we went out for Vietnamese food before heading off for Bear Trivia at the Laird Hotel. It may not be deco, per se, but perhaps you'll consider it decorative:

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