Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Snippets of Sydney: The Ardmore House and Morris-Dancing Pelicans

I'm still pulling out selections of my Australia photos in small themed photo essays. Today I'm recalling my arrival in Sydney, after my two weeks in Melbourne. Clicking on pictures yields larger images.

I had decided to end my trip with a few free days in Sydney, which is a nice comfortable place for me to hang out, particularly since I stay in a bed and breakfast where I feel like a personal guest. The bed and breakfast is in the suburb of Newtown, and I know my way around from there. In fact, if I couldn't stay with Peter and Declan I wasn't sure I'd have gone back to Sydney at all, and perhaps gone to Brisbane or someplace new.

Here are Peter and Declan and their attention whore of a dog, Tara:

Here's Declan and Tara, watching tv:

Here's an external view of Ardmore House, or at least what you can see behind the fence and trees and my thumb. It's a fairly classic nineteenth century "terrace house" with iron balconies. My room is on the second floor in the back, with its own balcony overlooking the side garden.

The Ardmore House is on Albemarle Street, which is known for still looking pretty much as it did in the nineteenth century, with small interesting houses. This is the house across the street from the Ardmore House:

I didn't get many pictures of the streetscapes of King Street, the commercial street that defines Newtown, because in pictures it looks a little shabby while in person it feels exciting and alive. I'd need to do a video, or a montage, to convey it. But, with my fascination for deco buildings, I did take one picture -- which is interesting because clearly all has been stripped from the original ornamentation of these two buildings but you can still see the basic deco shape of the building on the left:

King Street is block after block after block of old and older facades of small buildings, all with funky commercial establishments on the street floor.

Those were all quick snaps I took when I arrived in Sydney, as I re-oriented myself to my home neighborhood. I close with a picture I took a few days later, at the Fish Market, of pelicans who appear to be blocked up for a Morris dance:

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