Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

We're Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

Now you see, a trip to the zoo, even the Toronga Zoo in Sydney, is a perfect example of why I've never felt a need to take a camera when I travel. Why would you take a picture of an animal when you can get a much better picture of the animal on a postcard at the gift shop? Maybe the point is "Me and Wallaby". But, um, why?

I could take a picture of a quokka (delightful marsupial that resembles a large rat, thus the name of Rottnest Island off Perth):

Or I could just point you to a nice professional shot:


Really, which is better?

But it turns out that the Toronga Zoo is a lovely parklike place in a dramatic setting on the north side of Sydney Harbour, and is about more than biology. In fact, the biology is itself suspect. The signage at the Platypusary, for example, claims that a baby platypus is called a "puggle". Elsewhere this is called a "common misperception". So who do you trust?

In any case, zoo photos are about more than animals. To get to the zoo you take a ferry across Sydney Harbour, which gives you this view:

Then you take a skyride from the dock:

Isn't that exciting and wonderful?

Then you get to the zoo itself, which, in addition to animals, houses a floral clock! This is very funny for me and mrsmurphy18 but probably nobody else (because we worship a particular Zippy strip, in which Griffy goes to a postcard show and one of the side conversations includes a woman announcing "I collect floral clocks!"). To my great surprise and disappointment, there is no postcard of this clock. My poor photo will have to do:

There are other things you won't find in professional postcards:

At least Mcdonalds limits itself to sponsoring the habitat. Quantas goes even further:

Yes, the red kangaroos themselves are sponsored by Quantas.

But hey, even I couldn't resist taking a photo of a koala:

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