Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Skullcap Mania

At the bat mitvah of my friend Joel's older daughter a couple of years ago I noted the fancy custom yarmulkes he had ordered for the event, and he said that he'd gotten a good deal by ordering them online at I'm not sure why it's funny that there's an Internet site called, but it is. And I knew Joel wasn't kidding.

[For my goyishe friends I point out that "kipa" (plural "kipot") is the Hebrew word for yarmulke. It is the word that is generally used in modern synagogue contexts rather than the cumbersome and bizarrely spelled "yarmulke". I also point out that it is common, though by no means universal, for people to order custom yarmulkes for bar and bat mitzvahs and sometimes weddings, colorful yarmulkes with the event and date printed on the lining cloth on the inside.]

Joel's second daughter's bat mitzvah is in November (I have been invited to three bar and bat mitzvahs in the NYC area over a three week period this fall -- all for children of Brown Band friends), and I got a note from him the other day in which he said that he hadn't really done anything yet "other than order invitations and yarmulkas (from, of course)". This reminded me that I'd never actually checked out the site.

Oh, what fun. By following through on the "Available Products" link you can find all manner of sanctifying headgear. You can find soccer ball kipot:

And baseball kipot (which, presumably, religious boys might wear to a Yankees game as well):

There are embossed patterns and dinosaurs and fish and leather and suede designs. There's even one I think of as the Gustav Klimt, although their name for it is something like "fancy with gold trim":

I think I'd go for the purple suede model, if I were in charge and the bar mitzvah boy was anything like me.

You know, I think I still have a collection of velour bar mitzvah kipot I accumulated over the course of 1969.
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