Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Steven the Consumer

Among the more pretentious sentences I've uttered is "Whenever I'm in London I head down to Tabio on King's Road to stock up on socks." They're really great socks. And now I've discovered that they have an online presence:

Link to The Best Sock Store Ever

Note that when I first found this store in the year 2000 the exchange rate was much, much better than it is now, although oddly enough the sock prices have remained the same. Even six years ago, however, the cashmere socks were priced at far more than even I would pay. I still covet the purple cashmere pair:

More reasonable in cost was what became my favorite pair of socks, a pair of striped socks (a la the Wicked Witch of the West) in a color scheme they no longer make. My socks were striped in orange and soft grey. Here's a similar pair that's still available:

They have socks that match perfectly some late-sixties polka-dot button-down cotton shirts I used to wear, shirts that originally were performance clothing of my father's back when he and my mother were two thirds of a folk trio. I wore those polka-dot shirts to tatters. But now I have these socks (well, actually my polka-dot socks are dark grey with orange spots, but you get the idea):

There are many and various "toe socks" as well, but that's not really my style.

Besides the novelty socks, Tabio sells a variety of mens socks in the most wonderful bright colors, colors usually reserved for women. I wear a pair of their vivid yellow socks with my Morris kit, although their vivid green might do just as well. They have socks in peacock blue. And red. And pink. And chartreuse. And lavender. And, of course, orange:

Unfortunately, what seems to be missing from the web site are the hounds-tooth and checkerboard patterned socks in an unusual palette of colors I found at the shop itself. Even so, there's plenty of socks there for me if I can save up the money. In fact, I may start stuffing an old sock with spare bills until I have enough.

I may also have solved the holiday gift dilemma for a good percentage of my list.
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