Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

The Golden Calf was Awesome!

On the way back from Wisconsin on Sunday with Jim and Denise and Ken and Jim's daughter Anna Kate, Jim mentioned that somebody was blogging the bible, by which he meant that somebody was reading the bible and blogging about it. I thought he meant something else.

So, like, I woke up and there was void. It was sooo boring! I hate my life.


Everybody say hello to my new livejournal friends [info]firstguy and [info]ribgrrrl! They're so cool! They have an organic farm, and they let me name some of the vegetables. "Let's call this one rutabaga" I giggled and we laughed and laughed. [info]ribgrrrl is making an apple pie tonight.


[info]crazyboatman is just wild. Look what he brought by yesterday:

It's an aardvark! And he has two of them! Isn't it kyoooooot!

[info]highpriest001 is such a hunk. And I think he likes me, too. So tonight when Mr. Too-Good-For-Us goes into his superspecial supersecret ark I'm just going to follow him in and say, "Do you like me or don't you, tell me now!"

I suppose others have done it better (Paul Rudnick's Gospel According to Debbie is a classic of this genre). But it got us through a bit of the journey.
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